• Wattle Flat Heritage Lands

    Wattle Flat NSW 2795, Australia .

    Explore the Wattle Flat Heritage Lands, which is a 250 hectare remnant bush-land reserve right next to the Ryder Homestead property. The evidence of past gold mining can be clearly seen, as can the rare Argyle Apple, a distinctive Eucalypt with attractive blue-grey foliage.

    The Burree Trail takes 3 hours at a leisurely pace. Just follow the yellow triangles placed on trees along the trail. Buurree is Wiradjuri for Wattle. Wiradjuri people occupied the Wattle Flat Plateau prior to the European settlement and during the early nineteenth century.

    Many rare and endangered species grow beside the trail and on the mountain slopes. Severely eroded ravines, remnants of gold workings from the c19 can be seen through the trees. 

  • Wattle Flat General Store

    Wattle Flat NSW, Australia .

    Visit the General Store in Wattle Flat for any convenience food items, soft drinks, coffee and petrol.

    Opening times are every day from 9am to 6pm.

  • Wattle Flat Gift Shop and Australia Post

    Wattle Flat NSW, Australia .

    Across from the General Store, there is a gift shop that sells some amazing crafts, pies, coffee and also any of your posting needs.

    Opening times are from 9am to 3pm every day. The store is closed the first weekend of the month.

  • Tennis

    Brae Lane, Wattle Flat NSW, Australia .

    Play some tennis! There are courts.

  • Golf

    3453 Limekilns Road, Wattle Flat NSW 2795, Australia .

    Play some golf!

  • Sofala

    Sofala NSW, Australia .

    Explore and grab some lunch at the old gold town, Sofala. There are plenty of prospecting equipment to buy in Sofala as well.

    Sofala is a 7 minute drive from the Ryder Homestead.

    Sofala is set alongside the Turon River and is home to just over 200 people but was once a thriving town after alluvial gold was discovered in 1851.

  • Bathurst Tours

    Bathurst NSW, Australia .

    Explore Bathurst through a guided one day tour.

  • Bathurst

    Bathurst NSW, Australia .

    Founded on the banks of the Macquarie River, this vibrant regional centre in the Central Tablelands of NSW has something for everyone. Bathurst is rich with history and gold rush heritage, is the spiritual home of motorsports in Australia, and has abundant natural beauty, from the nearby river to the surrounding bushland.

  • Mudgee

    Mudgee NSW, Australia .

    Mudgee is famous for its wine and is about an hour drive away.

  • Orange

    Orange NSW, Australia .

    Perfect for any time of year, Orange is a thriving country town as rich in heritage as it is in award-winning restaurants, boutique shops, magnificent gardens and bustling markets. Famed for its rich produce-yielding soils, cool-climate wines and spectacular scenery, this gateway to Country NSW will keep you coming back.

  • Wattle Flat Playground

    10 Thompson Street, Wattle Flat NSW, Australia .

    The Wattle Flat playground is a 2 minute drive from the Ryder Homestead.

  • Hill End

    Hill End NSW, Australia .

    Hill End is about 30 minutes drive from the Ryder Homestead. Hill End is a well-preserved gold mining ghost town which is now an important historic site and a major tourist attraction. Surrounded by rugged mountain and gorge country, it is a prosperous 19th century town held in aspic.